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LiveAgelessly now offers the EMSCULPT®, specially designed to treat muscles. Nearly everyone could benefit from body sculpting of some kind, LiveAgelessly now has the ability to offer a new class of non-invasive technology to build muscle, while sculpting the body. EMSCULPT® is like nothing you’ve seen before, it’s a completely new category of technology that allows you to build muscle and sculpt your body. You can also BRING YOUR BOOTY BACK and trim and tone your arms and legs with this unique technology without any needles or surgery.




What is EMSCULPT? 

EMSCULPT is a nonsurgical procedure that creates muscle definition and burns fat in your butt and around your abs and obliques. It also recently gained approval for treating biceps, triceps, thighs, and calves. 

How does EMSCULPT work? 

Using high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM), the EMSCULPT device delivers electromagnetic pulses to the muscles and creates supra-maximal muscle contractions, activating more muscle fibers than do the contractions you’d achieve through normal exercise.  

One 30-minute session produces nearly 20,000 muscle contractions. Contracting repeatedly without rest stresses the muscles, triggering rapid changes at the cellular level that make them grow bigger and stronger.  

To supply energy for so many muscle contractions, neighboring fat cells break down, via a process called lipolysis, and release fatty acids. Fat cells are damaged to the point where they die, and the body naturally eliminates them.  

The result of the combined action of muscle tightening and fat-cell destruction is stronger, more defined muscles. 

Who's a good candidate for EMSCULPT? 

EMSCULPT is considered safe for all skin tones. The procedure works best for people who are already relatively fit and want to firm up. “The ideal candidate is really anyone who’s looking to get stronger muscles and a stronger core, who wants to be tighter and burn fat, Because it addresses only muscle tone and overlying fat, it’s not a good procedure for skin tightening. If you have skin laxity after pregnancy or significant weight loss, we may have other options that would be of greater benefit to you. It also doesn’t improve the appearance of cellulite. 

What are the pros and cons of EMSCULPT? 


While TruSculpt and similar techniques simply remove fat, EMSCULPT also tones muscles. It can be a good option for people who don’t have a lot of excess fat but want a more defined physique. 

It’s a fat-reduction option for people who aren’t candidates for liposuction and nonsurgical body-contouring treatments because they don’t have enough body fat. 

Having just four treatments yields visible results: the patient who said it was "Worth It" saw an impressive increase in muscle tone. Some also noted a boost in strength that helped them achieve more during their workouts. 


People with a few extra pounds to lose may not see as much of a change, because the fat can act as a barrier between the magnetic coil and the muscles, reducing the strength of the muscle contractions during treatment. Ideal candidates have less than an inch of pinchable fat in the treated area, according to research by a medical advisor to EMSCULPT’s manufacturer, BTL.  Follow-up sessions every six months, paired with regular exercise, can help to maintain results. 

EMSCULPT Before and After Gallery:

EMSCULPT Male Abdominal Results

EMSCULPT Female Abdominal Results

EMSCULPT Buttocks Results

EMSCULPT Arm Results


What Is The Treatment Time?

Four 30-minute sessions will be scheduled 2-3 days apart.. Your provider will help you create a treatment plan tailored to your specific goals.

What Does It Feel Like?

You can lay down and relax during the EMSCULPT treatment. It feels like an intense vibration. Intensity can be adjusted based on the patient's comfort level.

Is There Any Downtime? Any Pre/Post Treatment Preparation?

The EMSCULPT is non-invasive and requires no recovery time or any pre/post treatment preparation.

Will you be sore after an EMSCULPT treatment? 

You won't need recovery time, but don’t be surprised if you feel sore—like you pushed yourself through a tough workout. The soreness should improve within one or two days, according to a study by a medical advisor to BTL.  

You can resume regular activity—including exercise—right away, though you may want to rest if your muscles feel fatigued

How soon will you see EMSCULPT results? 

People who are relatively fit may see improvements after just one EMSCULPT session. After the recommended four sessions over a two-week period, good candidates for the procedure should see an increase in muscle tone and a reduction in fat in the treated areas.

Final results may take longer to appear, especially in areas with more fat. “Building muscle takes time. We can’t go to the gym once and say we’re toned and strong. “The muscle builds over the next couple of months. Apoptosis—the breakdown of fat cells—takes a couple of months to happen.” 

What results can you expect to see from EMSCULPT?

Studies conducted by EMSCULPT’s manufacturer, BTL, show reductions in waist size and fat and increases in muscle mass. In one study, muscle mass increased by about 15%, while fat decreased by nearly 19% after four sessions. Patients who originally weren’t happy with the shape of their buttocks reported an 85% improvement after four EMSCULPT treatments, noting that their butt felt more lifted and firm.

Another benefit of EMSCULPT is that it keeps working after you finish your last treatment: your muscles should continue to grow and your fat to shrink in the six months after you have the procedure. In a 2018 study, the treatment reduced people’s waist size by an average of 1.5 inches (3.29 centimeters) after four treatments. Three months later, their waist size had shrunk even more—by 1.7 inches (4.37 cm) in total.

However, Dr. Maria Keller cautions that EMSCULPT isn’t a miracle treatment. “You need to have realistic expectations. You’re improving the tone and muscle mass, but you aren’t going to have amazing abs all of a sudden.” EMSCULPT is also not a substitute for diet and exercise. “It’s part of your whole fitness regimen,” she says. “It speeds up and enhances your results.”

What are the potential side effects and risks of EMSCULPT?

No EMSCULPT side effects have been reported, but the procedure is still relatively new, having launched in mid-2018. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared the procedure in 2016, and most of the studies haven’t followed participants for longer than six months, so we don’t know much yet about its long-term effects—including how high-intensity electromagnetic energy might affect your organs over time.

However, you shouldn’t have this treatment if you’re pregnant; have a pacemaker or other implanted electronic device near the treatment site; or have heart issues, a history of seizures, or any other medical conditions that could make the device’s electromagnetic field dangerous for you.

Is EMSCULPT safe if you have metal in your body?

Avoid EMSCULPT if you have any type of metal, such as a copper IUD or a hip implant, near the treatment area. The high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy of EMSCULPT can heat up the metal or dislodge it.