Functional Medicine Treatment in Las Vegas/Henderson, Nevada

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Functional medicine is transforming our understanding and approach to healthcare. Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on chasing and treating symptoms often relying heavily on pharmaceutical interventions using medications. Functional medicine delves deeper to understand and address the underlying causes of illness.

By using Functional Medicine principles, Dr. Keller aims to restore optimal health to her patients and to move them towards better health outcomes that help to get them off their medications or avoid them all together.

Functional medicine thus takes a comprehensive approach to healthcare, focusing on identifying and addressing the root causes of disease rather than simply managing symptoms. For many of us this begins in the gut.

Central to functional medicine is the understanding that symptoms are often a result of an underlying dysfunction in the body's systems. This dysfunction can manifest due to several factors, including genetics, lifestyle choices, environmental exposures, and imbalances in the gut microbiome. By identifying and addressing these underlying causes, rather than merely suppressing symptoms, functional medicine strives to bring about long-lasting healing.

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