Men's Sexual Health Treatments in Las Vegas/Henderson, Nevada

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What is Men’s Sexual Health Treatment?

Male sexual health treatments often are addressed using medications that improve the blood supply to the penis, however these medications alone do not always work. Testosterone can be helpful, but it too does not always improve E.D in men.

E.D is often thought of as being a normal part of aging in men, but it is not. At LiveAgelessly we believe there is no reason why men cannot remain sexually active well into their 70’s and beyond. Many men are embarrassed to bring this subject up to their health care provider and so they let this part of their life go.

At LiveAgelessly, we offer solutions that are natural and do not require surgery to help you regain your
sex life.

What are the Benefits of Men’s Sexual Health Treatment?

E.D must be approached as a complex treatable condition. Benefits of treatment at our office in Las Vegas/Henderson include:

- Improved blood supply to the penis
- Stronger erections
- Improved cognitive function
- Increased sex drive
- Improve muscle mass and strength
- Increased sensitivity
- Improved sexual function
- Improved mood, energy, as well as quality of life

Who is a Candidate for Male Sexual Health Treatment?

The ideal candidate for treatment is not based on age but symptoms. E.D can begin in the 30’s for some men and in the 70’s for others. Dr. Keller will look at what you have tried and what has not worked along with your medical history to develop a program that leads to a more fulfilling sex life.

Offered Treatments:

Shockwave TherapyEMSELLA®P-Shot®Bocox™Peptide TherapyBHRT

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"Dr. Keller is one of the most knowledgeable doctors I have come across. Her experience extends far beyond the OB-GYN world and into aesthetic procedures which is where my experience with her lies. I would highly recommend her and I have on multiple occasions already."
- Anonymous Reviewer
"I wish I could give Dr. Keller 10 stars! Over the last few years, I've seen her for everything from bio-identical hormone therapy to face threading and she still takes the time to answer all of my questions and makes me feel comfortable with whatever treatment I'm having. She's constantly studying to keep up with the latest and greatest treatments, so grateful for Dr. Keller and her awesome staff!"
- Kim S.
"Dr. Keller is always sympathetic and understanding of my situation, whatever that may be. She is open and aware of all the issues women can have that fall outside of the realm of typical western medicine that sometimes restricts Doctors from having an open mind. She makes you feel welcomed and normal, something that is a huge relief when going through hormonal changes."
- Roni