Urinary Incontinence Treatment in Las Vegas/Henderson, Nevada

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Imagine sleeping through the night without awakening two, three or four times. Or, going to a casino on the Las Vegas Strip and not having to use the bathroom prior to leaving home, then stopping to use the restroom again upon arrival, and making certain that you use it once more before heading home.

LiveAgelessly offers minimally invasive treatments for both men and women to address issues of incontinence. Reclaim and regain control of your bladder today!

About Treatments for Urinary Incontinence

At LiveAgelessly we have several options to address the struggles, embarrassment and inconveniences related to urinary incontinence. Lack of bladder control often occurs at the most inopportune times.

The unintentional loss of urine associated with  a weakened pelvic floor can occur in both men and women.

We offer several minimally invasive methods that can help to minimize the urges, improve tissue elasticity, and even strengthen your bladder muscles.

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