TruSculpt® Treatment in
Las Vegas/Henderson, Nevada

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TruSculpt iD® is a Personalized Body Sculpting treatment for any shape or body type. The revolutionary TruSculpt iD® is clinically proven to eliminate fat in stubborn areas around your abdomen and flanks.

The procedure can be done in as little as a 15-minute hand-free treatment per area, completely personalized to your individual needs with no downtime. The reality is some stubborn fat just won’t disappear—no matter how much we diet and exercise, but an updated technology called TruSculpt iD® changes everything, and it’s available now.

With TruSculpt iD there is no pain. There is no downtime, and almost everyone is a candidate. It feels a lot like a hot stone massage. Patients may experience minimal sensitivity that typically disappears by the next day. With TruSculpt iD, fat is heated and then immediately begins to dissolve with full results evident in about 12 weeks. You can expect to lose 24 percent of your fat in the treated area.